Windows 10 Mobile: MS fixes Edge PDF rendering bug

[German]Microsoft listens to its users – they have fixed a bug in Edge that prevent users to open PDF documents in the Edge Browser under Windows 10 Mobile. But there are few surprises of the unpleasant kind. Addendum: The text has been updated.


What exactly is this about?

For Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has provided the Edge Browser for displaying PDF documents. After the February 2018 update, Windows 10 Mobile users discovered that the Edge browser could no longer open PDF documents. The error message shown in the following figure appears.

PDF-Error in Windows 10 Mobile
(Source: Microsoft-Forum)

I've published a few days ago the German blog post Windows 10 Mobile: Edge streikt bei PDF-Dateien.

KB4090912: Microsoft releases a Bug … Fix

On March 15, 2018 Microsoft released update KB4090912 for Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise (October 2017), which upgrades the operating system to build 15254.313. The description of the update also says:

Addresses issue in which PDFs cannot be rendered in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Phones.

So exactly the above mentioned PDF display bug should be fixed with this update. Sounds good, Microsoft has reacted.


Bug-Fix a la Microsoft

Before you now erupt into collective cheering, there are 3 known issues documented in KB4090912:

  • After taking a screenshot, the error, "Couldn't take screenshot" appears. However, the photo is saved.
  • In some photo-related apps, there is an error when saving photos.
  • In Lumia Creative Studio, recently taken photos will not appear in the Latest gallery.

But it's not a major problem, the next patchday is just a month away. What's Microsoft's credo? 'Trust us, we know, what's good for you user'. Still no words to left.

Addendum: Windows as a surprise with 'bug vanishing'

Nothing is as old as yesterday's news. When I wrote the article this night, I went to KB4090912 for a cross check. The errors mentioned above were explicitly listed as known issues (as of March 15, 2018) – unfortunately I didn't made a screen shot. Today I came across a hint from my German colleagues at, that the update 'contains no known bugs'.

I visited the KB article again. The text of KB4090912 currently says 'no known issues' – the references to the 'known issues' have now disappeared. The article now has a revision date of March 16, 2018. Apparently Microsoft corrected the article afterwards. Some users of Windows 10 Mobile devices says, that the initial reported screenshot bug and the other issues could not be detected. I guess, Microsoft added the 'known issues' incorrectly into the KB article on March 15, but removed it later.

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