Flash is fading away, drops down to 4.9 % usage

Sicherheit[German]There are still the good news. Adobe Flash seems, as planned, to disappear from use by the end of 2020. At present, the usage drops down to 4.9%. Here is a short summary of the topic.


Adobe Flash has continous security vulnerabilities, that has to be patched constantly. Apple has therefore wisely abandoned Flash support in iOS for many years. Adobe Flash has also been banned on Android devices for many years. Only in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, Adobe Flash is pre-installed by Microsoft by default and cannot be removed.

Flash End of life in 2020

Some time ago Adobe announced to pull the plug on Flash. The support was discontinued for the year 2020 – I had addressed it within the blog post Fake News: Flash is dead? Now it’s fading out is planned 2020. From December 2020, Google will completely remove Flash in the Google Chrome 87 browser. The announced end of Flash will also affect the use of Adobe Flash.

Flash usage drops to 4.9 %

The percentage of daily Chrome users who have loaded at least one page of Flash content per day has dropped from around 80% in 2014 to below 8% in early 2018. I had reported this in March 2018 in the article Adobe Flash: usage is fading away.

Trends in Web-Clients

Now I’ve got new numbers. Bleeping Computer reports here that the share of Adobe Flash in use had fallen to 4.9% as of April 19, 2018. Source is W3Techs, which shows the trends for different web technologies in the table above. What I find even cooler: Silverlight hardly occurs any more – and JAVA is also almost’invisible’.


Question: Do you still have content that requires Flash? What is the situation with VMware server products? Are they now converted from Flash to HTML management interfaces?

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