Tip: Windows 10 ISO direct download from MS via Chrome

[German]Today a little tip for Windows 10 users to download an ISO file of Windows 10 version 1803 directly from Microsoft. We will use the Google Chrome browser.


What Microsoft intends…

If you want to download the current version of Windows 10 as an installation image from Microsoft, navigate to the Microsoft Windows 10 page:


There you will be welcomed with a download button (see following picture). But if you click the Download Tool now button, the Media Creation Tool is delivered.

Windows 10 download page

In the next step you have to try to download the actual Windows 10 ISO using the Media Creation Tool.


The Media Creation Tool creates an ISO file, but instead of an install.wim it contains an install.esd as installation image.

Download an ISO file directly

Microsoft also provides the ISO installation images directly on its servers, but does not attach the download addresses on the site mentioned above. Third-party programs such as the ISO Download Tool (see heidoc.net and 'Windows und Office ISO Download Tool' – an update) or the Adguard page (see Tip: Download Windows- and Office ISO images using Adguard) make use of this. *** adguard is no longer available ***

Windows 10 Download per Adguard

You can also use Adguard to select ISO images from older versions of Windows and Office and then download them from the Microsoft server. But I saw several comments that warn against such sites, because they are not Microsoft offers.

The browser download trick

An Italian website has revealed the steps for the Microsoft Edge browser (English version at MSPU). I adapted it for the Google Chrome browser once. The background: Microsoft uses a browser switch in the Windows 10 download page. If you are a user of a Windows desktop, you will see the above website with the Media Creation Tool download. However, owners of an Android or iOS device can't use the Media Creation Tool. Therefore Microsoft offers the direct download of the ISO file on this device.

So the goal is to use any browser on the desktop and pretend to the Microsoft server that you are something else (e.g. an iPad). To do this, follow these steps in Google Chrome.

1. First of all, open this website within your desktop browser. As expected, the download of the Media Creation Tool is offered.

2. Now invoke the developer tools in the browser (in Google Chrome this is possible via the menu or via function key F12).

Chrome: device emulation

3. Set the device emulation via the list box according to the screenshots shown above to iPad and refresh the page.

The you should see a direct Windows 10  download link (currently for version 1803) – see screenshot below.

Windows 10 Download options

After selecting the Windows 10 version (only V1803 is offered), select the language must offered in the list box and confirmed it via clicking on Confirm. Then the download page appears, where you can download the 32- or 64-bit ISO (for 24 hours)

Chrome: Geräteemulation festlegen

I've tested it for to the 32-bit download, here it works. However, I aborted the download, so I don't know if Microsoft delivers an .esd or a .wim file within the install image. If you need older ISO builds, you have to go to pages like the Adguard mentioned above. There you will find the relevant selection options. Maybe it'll help.

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