Apple iOS 12 introduced: faster, AR and more

As expected, Apple introduced its iOS 12 yesterday at WWDC 2018 and released its first beta of developers. The new operating system for iPhone, iPad, iPod should be more modest and run on the same hardware as iOS 11.


iOS 12, the performance booster

Anyone who has an iOS device from an older generation knows the suffering: Every iOS update slows down the iPhone, iPad, iPod. I got out of this pig cycle a long time ago and I'm stuck with iOS 10 on an iPad 3. Typing is extremely tough, surfing in a browser celebrates minutes of memory until the pages are rendered – and back to an older iOS version doesn't work because Apple blocks it.

This Apple experience is now supposed to be over – probably the pressure in the boiler (planned obsolescence) simply became too high. With the new iOS 12 Apple promises true miracles, because for the first time performance improvements (i.e. performance) are in the foreground. Apple says: iOS 12 is designed to make everyday tasks on the iPhone and iPad faster and more responsive and improve performance across the system.

  • App start up to 40% faster in daily use. Even if there is a lot going on in the entire system, Apple promises applications can be started up to twice as fast.
  • Animations should run more smoothly throughout the entire system. Calling things like the Control Center, wiping while multitasking or scrolling in apps should be smoother and more responsive.
  • The camera starts up to 70 percent faster, an important factor for taking unsuccessful snapshots and selfies on the iPhone.
  • The keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing reacts faster.

From the iPhone 5s introduced in 2013 to the current iPhone X, iOS 12 should not only run, but even bring performance improvements for most of these devices.

Shared Argumented Reality (AR)

The newly introduced ARKit 2 enables developers to develop innovative AR applications for the iOS platform. There are new tools for integrating shared AR experiences tied to a specific location, object recognition and image tracking. In cooperation with Pixar a new open file format for AR was developed. In Apple's opinion, this makes it easy to experience AR almost everywhere in iOS. Even applications such as Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News should deliver AR and powerful graphics and animation functions. This video gives an insight into Apple's ideas.

Further innovations

Of course, innovations in emoijs or fun camera effects must not be missing – the buyers have to be taken care of. With the Facetime communication solution, group conversations with up to 32 participants are to be possible.


Neue Emoijs in iOS 12(Source: Apple)

Siri Sortcuts

Siri shortcuts are supposed to provide a faster way to do things, with each app working with Siri. Siri Intelligence can suggest an action at the right time – be it to order a coffee in the morning or to start a training session in the afternoon. Users should be able to customize shortcuts by creating a simple voice command that starts a task. You can download new shortcut applications to create a series of actions from different applications that can be performed with a simple tap or a user-defined voice command. It's easy for developers to take advantage of this new feature using shortcut APIs.


A new 'For You tab' displays the most popular (photo) moments in one place, combining memories and shared iCloud albums. A new photo sharing feature is designed to make sharing photos with friends easier. Friends who receive photos are asked to share all the photos and videos they have from the same trip or event – so we increase group pressure.

Search suggestions show key events, people, places, groups, categories and recent searches, and new search features allow users to combine multiple search terms to find just the right photos.

iOS reduce distraction

With Do Not Disturb, Notifications and Screen Time Apple is trying to get a grip on users' iPhone addiction for the first time. New tools built into iOS 12 help users understand and control the time they spend with their iOS devices.

New modes in "Do not disturb" automatically end based on a specific time, location, or action. "Do not disturb" at bedtime helps people to get a better sleep by dimming the display and hiding all notifications on the lock screen until prompted in the morning.

Screen Time provides users with detailed information and tools to help them better understand and control the time they spend with applications and websites. Daily and weekly activity reports show the total time spent in individual apps, usage across app categories, how many notifications are received and how often the iPhone or iPad is picked up.

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