AdDuplex Windows 10 figures June 2018 – not reliable

[German]Marketing firm AdDuplex has released its latest Windows 10 distribution figures for June 2018. Looking at this figures brought me to the decision, that the whole thing is useless – nothing more than bullshit.


The data from the new AdDuplex report of June 2018 says that Windows 10 April Update has been rolled out to 3/4 of all Windows 10 systems.

AdDuplex Windows 10 distribution June 2018
(Windows 10: Distribution June 2018, Source: AdDuplex)

The figure shown above says, that 78,1 % of all Windows 10 Machines are on April Update (V1803). Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (FCU) is at 15,7%, and the other Windows 10 versions are at 2,4% and below 1%.

Sorry, another bullshit bingo

Sorry, that's not trustable! Going back one month, in May 2018 AdDuplex has posted the diagram below.

Windows 10: Verteilung Mai 2018
(Windows 10: Distribution May 2018, Source: AdDuplex)


AdDuplex claimed, that Windows 10 V1803 has been installed on 50% of all Windows 10 machines. Within my article Windows and OS market share in May 2018 I shed a bit light on absolute figures. When Terry Myerson announced his departure from Microsoft, the number of 700 million Windows 10 systems was already mentioned. So 50% of 700 Million are 350 Million.

Within the article AI powers Windows 10 April 2018 Update rollout dated June 14, 2018, Microsoft published a 2nd figure. They wrote 'With over 250 million machines on the Windows 10 April Update, we are seeing ….'. Hell, this 250 million Windows 10 V1803 machines, confirmed by Microsoft on June 2018 are far below of the 350 million AdDuplex is claiming End of May 2018. And now they are going to say 3/4 of all Windows 10 machines are already on Version 1803. What these guys are smoking?

Overall they use telemetry data from apps to estimate the amount of a Windows 10 version installed in the wild. This means, the figures they are receiving and reporting monthly are useless – just bullshit. There is no value looking at this figures – so I decided, not to publish additional blog posts about Windows 10 figures released by AdDuplex.  

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