A Windows Update bricked Steven Sinofsky’s Surface RT

[German]A little Schadenfreude and a nice story for for annoyed Windows users who are facing a bricked system after an update install. Also happens to more prominent people, like Mr. Steven Sinofsky…


My grandmother used to say 'God punishes small sins immediately' – but since the Lord has a lot to do at the moment, some cases take a little longer ;-). 

Users are dissatisfied with the Windows updates

I report frequently about issues with Windows updates here in this blog. Some times I hear that with 700 million Windows 10 installations, even a thousand machines that have been damaged by updates are nothing. And there is the argument 'with the many millions of hardware combinations, Microsoft can hardly prevent an update from going wrong'.

A few days ago I had an article about user satisfaction with Windows 10 updates and the open letter from Susan Bradley to Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella in my blog. A lot of people are quite pissed about the update quality, but Microsoft support has wiped it away with a few empty words. If you are interested, the articles are linked at the end of the article.

Did it hit the right guy?

The question mark in the title means 'jugde yourself'. I just stumbled across a tweet by Steven Sinofsky, who almost swept me off my office chair laughing. 


For the youngster: Mr. Sinofsky has been responsible as Vice President for Windows the disaster around Windows 8 and Windows RT at Microsoft. Mr. Sinofsky left Microsoft in 2012.

Mr. Sinofsky probably kept a Surface RT from his Microsoft time. Chapeau, for his pertinence (he has always been a man of conviction) and that the hardware still works after such a long time with the Windows 8 blend, limited to store apps. I assume that Mr. Sinofsky has updated the Surface RT to Windows RT 8.1. And this Windows RT 8.1 still gets updates from Microsoft. And now there was probably a batch of six optional updates, one of which was 'somehow bad' and bricked Sinofsky's Surface RT.

Priceless comments …

The comments under this tweet are priceless – one wrote 'and so retired the last Surface RT':

Another tweet says:

A proposal, how to use the bricked Surface RT has also been made at twitter.

I'd think of cutting boards, too. Oh, what a little spirit I am, who can be happy about such an incident. But wait, someone else had the same thought:

Well, who has the damage, need not worry about further updates, or something similar they are saying.

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  1. EP says:

    that's what happens when MS takes away control of windows updates from users

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