Microsoft reprocessing store apps due to error 0x800B0100

[German]Since the beginning of September 2018, users of store apps on Windows 10 have been running into the problem that the error 0x800B0100 is displayed during the app installation during the update. Microsoft has now admitted a problem and wants to correct the apps in the store.


The error code 0x800B0100 stands for TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE, i.e. the program has no or no valid signature. The error seems to have occured during the installation of Store Apps under Windows 10 last week more often. This thread can be found at

I have two laptop and on one of them I got an error message that I couldn't update the HP Smart app. My other laptop didn't have this problem and was able to update the app without problems. The error code I got when the update problem started is: 0x800B0100

I tried to:

-log in and out of the Windows store


-use the windows update and windows store troubleshooter

-DISM tool

-SFC scan

-renamed SoftwareDistribution folder

I'm really lost and would be very grateful if anyone could give me any hints on how to solve this.

On a notebook, the app from the store returns error 0x800B0100 when updating (or installing) the notebook, while the other device does not return the error. Another user confirms a problem with the App Penbook. Here is a screenshot of this error dialog posted within a Microsoft developers forum).

Windows 10 App error 0x800B0100(Source: MS developers forum)

Also on Twitter a search for this error code returns a lot of hits.


In the above tweet, for example, a user complains to Dona Sarkar that an app he purchased is not installable. Last Thursday, developer Rudy Huyn (see following tweet) confirmed that Microsoft Store actually displays error 0x800B0100 when downloading certain applications.

He stated that a bug in the Windows Store was responsible for this. A short time later, he added that Microsoft had fixed the bug and automatically regenerated the store apps.

Rafael Rivera write at, dass that Microsoft has now admitted a general problem.

Palani Sundaramurthy, Principal Program Manager Lead on Developer & Partner Services at Microsoft wrote:

We are sorry about this failure and are actively working on mitigating it. We have tracked this issue to our submission workflow incorrectly signing certain apps. [We need] to re-process the impacted apps in order to alleviate the problem. While we have already re-processed a few apps, […] we're working to ensure that every impacted app is fixed.

Microsoft has determined after investigation that certain apps were not signed correctly. Therefore, the company wants to re-sign the affected apps and post them in the store. This should fix the problem with the app installation.

Addendum: If you still get this error, maybe the tip for the tweet below will help: Close the store app and run wsreset.exe in console window.

This will clear the store cache and the app downloaded again should contain a valid certificate. Were any of you affected?

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  1. krzemien says:

    I got the whole lot all re-installed out of the blue on two different user's profiles over the weekend – which I found strange. Now I understand why.
    And no, have not seen 0x800B0100 at all (or was not aware of its existence)

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