Is MS Re-Org the Windows group after V1809 release?

[German]Is Microsoft planning a major restructuring of its Windows product group or the Windows area after Windows 10 Version 1809 has been completed in development? Will the chairs be back again in Redmond?


Blogger Brad Sams dropped the corresponding hints in a podcast on The Sams Report (pay wall) on Friday. The people at MS Power User then transcribed the podcast.

I'm also hearing from somebody who's become quite reliable lately, there might be a re-org inside the Windows world after Redstone 5 ships. This might be actually how Terry Myerson eventually exits is after that's done, and then his role is diminished. Just people moving about, just more product lines, like Azure and Office and maybe kind of thinning out the Windows crowd. I don't think there's gonna be layoffs, not trying to say that, but they're going to be just shuffling some people around.

– Brad Sams

It's just rumors that Bad Sams is telling – but he's got those information from the Redmond campus's bush radio. We will probably find out in the coming weeks. That would also be a possible explanation why Terry Myserson left Microsoft in spring 2018.

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