Azure: Ups, we are down again

It seems that Microsoft's Azure didn't work well during the last weeks. Again, Microsoft Azure service has issues since two days with login or performance.


We have had an Azure outage last week (November 19, 2018) for several hours (see this ZDnet article). Mary Jo Foley published an article Microsoft unearthed three independent root causes on ZDnet revealing the reason for this outage last week.

Now Azure users are observing issues again. Microsoft Azure was disrupted yesterday (Monday 26 Nov 2018) between 11:19 and 16:56 UTC at least in parts of Great Britain, as you can read on the Azure status page. In other parts of the world, connection issues or reduced performance have been observed. This time a hardware failure seems to have been the cause.

According to the above tweet, the Multi-Factor Authentication has again issues for several users. The US Azure status page confirms such issues (and also this tweet says, MS is investigation it). Not a good run for Microsoft's Azure customers, I guess.

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