Cyber attack from russion ‘Snake’ group on German und US government agency and military

[German]In November there seems to have been a new cyber attack campaign on German politicians, the Bundeswehr (German military) and German embassies. At the same time, new hacking attempts on US government agencies, think tanks, and businesses, the companies has become known. Russian hacker group Snake (aka Fancy Bear) are supposed to be the source of these attacks.


German news site Spiegel reported with reference to an inquiry to the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV, Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) about this attack. There seems to have been a series of phishing attempts on German politicians, the Bundeswehr and German embassies, the last of which was noticed on 14 November 2018.

his time, German politicians were not attacked with phishing e-mails via their German parliament (Bundestag) e-mail addresses, but via the mailboxes of the respective parties. The BfV "detected the cyber attack campaign 'Snake' with victims mainly in the areas of state and politics", quotes news magazine Spiegel.

There are signs, indicating, that the attacks were carried out by the Russian group 'Snake' (which also uses the name 'Turla' and is assigned to the russian military secret service GRU). This group had probably previously attacked the German government's network via cyber attacks and had for some time been pulling data from employees of the Federal Foreign Office. This became known in March 2018. Details can be read here (German]. The US site Quartz reports here that attacks on US government agencies and politicians took place at the same time. It isn't know, if these attacks are linked together.

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