Intune/AutoPilot: Block App install via Enrollment Status Page

When deploying Windows via Windows AutoPilot, you can now choose if and which apps are blocked and reset during rollout. Here some short information. 


Microsoft  provides Windows AutoPilot in Intune to support the deployment of Windows machines in corporate environments. For an autopilot deployment, Microsoft recommends that you specify in the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) that the user is not allowed to access the desktop until the device is configured to be secure and productive. However, this is only the case when all apps have been installed.

Because this process can take a long time, Microsoft has added a new feature to Windows AutoPilot. Some apps are more important than others. Therefore, Intune for AutoPilot has an option in the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) to block individual apps. This is intended to shorten the process of deployment for the user. Unimportant apps can be set up at a later time.

Michael Niehaus from Microsoft points out this new feature within the above tweet. In the linked Technet article he shows some screenshots of the new options. 


The above Tweet shows more screenshots of options for enrollment in Intune. Interesting is the feedback from users @damigs, who is reporting issues with Microsoft Office 2016/2019 Pro Plus.

He reported here, that adding Office Pro Plus to ESP still very unstable. Also this user mentions AutoPilot errors.


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