Windows Operating System Share (November 2018)

[German]I haven’t talked about it for a while, but it’s time again to take a quick look at the operating system share on the desktop, and Microsoft Windows in particular.


Desktop operating system share

Looking at the latest figures from (until the end of November 2018), Windows still runs on 87.92% of desktop systems. Mac OS comes to 9.46%, while Linux runs on 2.03% of the system.

OS-Market-Share 11.2018
(OS-Market-Share 11.2018)

NetMarketShare delivers the following figures for the desktop operating systems share by version for end of November 2018: Windows 7 is at 38.89%, Windows 10 38.14%. Windows 8.1 still has 4.69% share and the current macOS 10.13 gains 3.20%.

So Windows 7 is at the ‘end of year 2018’ still a thin step ahead of Windows 10. For end of August 2018 we hat the following figures: Windows 7 was at 40.27% and Windows 10 was at 37.8% – so the figures doesn’t changed too much. Or in other words: 2019 will be very exciting, because support for Windows 7 will expire in January 2020. I hardly believe that in December 2019 we will see Windows 7 down at 5% and Windows 10 has 95% of the market share.

The statistik from statcounter for desktop operating systems sees Windows 10 at a share of 52.71%, while Windows 7 dropped to 35.53%, and Windows 8.1 is at 6.68%.



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