Microsoft’s Surface Diagnostics Toolkit for Business (SDT)

[German]Microsoft has released a new tool to help the user with problems (hardware, firmware and software) with his Surface devices. Here are a few details about that toolkit.


Despite 'High Price' devices, Microsoft's Surface devices are more often noticed for malfunctioning or trouble. A Windows update or the firmware fails, or hardware issues are causing trouble. Microsoft provides a tool called 'Surface Diagnostics Toolkit for Business (SDT)' for IT administrators in business environments. The announement may be found here.

Surface Diagnostics Toolkit
(Source: Microsoft, Click to zoom)

The Surface Diagnostic Toolkit is designed to help quickly solve hardware, software and firmware issues within Surface devices, starting with Surface Pro 3 and higher. However, the tool is only intended for enterprise IT administrators and offers the following features:

  • If the tool finds hardware issues, it generates a report showing possible causes and recommended troubleshooting steps.
  • If software is the cause, the toolkit can immediately repair system files and other core components. .
  • If administrators need to diagnose devices for geographically dispersed teams, you can install the Surface Diagnostic Console and run the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit from the command prompt.

The Surface Diagnostic Toolkit (SDT) is installed via an MSI.exe. Details of the toolkit can be found on this Microsoft website. (via Twitter)

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