Prices for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates till 2023

Windows Update[German]Microsoft offers Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 SP1 for companies until January 2023. This program is subject to a fee and conditions. Now the prices that companies have to pay for extended support have become public.


Extended Security Update for Windows 7

On January 14, 2020, Windows 7 SP1 will receive security updates for the last time and reached End of Support (EOS). The Extended Support ends after 10 years for normal users and customers.

But since there will still be a lot of Windows 7 systems in companies, Microsoft offers Extended Security Updates until 2023. The program is intended for companies using Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. The paid Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU) are available only to companies that have a volume license agreement (get a discount with Software Assurance). I had reported that within the blog post Wow! Windows 7 get extended support until January 2023.

Prices for Extended Security Updates for Windows 7

Till now the price for these extended updates was unknown. At the time I had written the blog post, it was only known, that the billing is per device and the price increases every year. Now Mary Foley has published prices for the USA on

(Quelle: ZDnet)

It seems that she got her hands on the slide shown above. According to Foley, Microsoft informed its partners about prices for Extended Security Updates (ESUs) until January 2023.


ESU Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Pro
1st Year 1.2020-1.2021 $25/device $50/device
2nd. Year 1.2021-1.2022 $50/device $100/device
3rd. Year 1.2022-1.2023 $100/device $200/device
  • Annual price allows access to cumulative security update for 12 months
  • The Extended Support in the 2nd and 3rd year requires that the support was also purchased in the previous year.
  • The Extended Security Updates are available in all programs and channels (VL, CSP)..

There is no minimum order value. For Windows 10 Enterprise and Microsoft 365 customers, Microsoft will offer Windows 7 ESUs as an add-on. At least according to the information Microsoft has shared with partners and field representatives.

  • In the first year (January 2020 to 2021), this add-on will cost $25 per device for this group of users.
  • In the second year (January 2021 to 2022) this price increases to 50 US dollars per device.
  • And in the third year (January 2022 to January 2023), it rises to up to $100 per device.

These reduced prices apply to customers who use Windows 7 Pro and are also "active customers" of Windows Enterprise for volume licensing. For customers outside this group, the higher prices in the above table apply to Windows 7 Pro systems.

But let me note: This is a single source – and the data could be mis-interpreted. At the end of the day, it could be a figure, you may use for orientation, if you are going to negotiate with Microsoft. Mary Foley could not find out whether there are discounts for large contingents with Windows 7 machines. Microsoft did not respond to inquiries. However, I assume that major customers will make their special agreements with Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft will publish official prices soon.

Addendum: Foley has extended the article this night. She wrote, a Microsoft spokesmen would only point back to the original Microsoft September blog about the ESU plans. But he added: "Customers would need to work with their Microsoft account team for details on pricing," – so talk to your Microsoft account team.

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