Windows 10 Compatibility: Desktop App Assure Final

[German]Microsoft recently announced that the Desktop App Assure program, to improve the compatibility of old applications for Windows 10, is now finally available. Here is some information about the topic. 


Microsoft had already announced Desktop App Assure at the end of September 2018. It’s an offer from Microsoft FastTrack with the aim of implementing the promise of application compatibility of old applications under Windows 10. Microsoft’s statement and promise was:

99% of applications will work on Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. If you run into any issues, we will help you fix them at no additional cost.

In tests with large customers, compatibility issues were found in only 0.1% of applications. If a user does run into compatibility problems with an app, Microsoft wants to use FastTrack to help fix it, but it’s free. This is what the Desktop App Assure program is for. 

The Desktop App Assure program is a shared risk program. Your organization still bears the risk of validating that applications work, but if something fails, then we accept the risk of finding a way to remediate the app! We could fix Windows itself, work with the vendor who wrote the app, or suggest a code change.

In a blog post last Friday (Feb. 2, 2019), Microsoft announced the general availability of Desktop App Assure. Desktop App Assure is now available to authorized customers in all time zones. It supports English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), German, Spanish, Korean, French, Portuguese (BR) and Italian. Customers who are allowed to use the FastTrack Center are eligible. This probably applies to corporate customers who manage more than 150 systems (via a license agreement). (via)

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