Skype blocks editor options in Outlook 2010

A brief note for users who want to use Microsoft Office 2010 in conjunction with Skype for Business (2016). The Outlook editing options may not work after installing Office 2010. This is due to incorrect installation order of Office and Skype.


I recently came across this German experience reported by a user. He had noticed that the editor options for mails (Options – E-Mail – Editor options) in Outlook 2010 were suddenly no longer changeable. He writes:

The following happened to me: I changed the editor options for the mail (Options – Email – Editor options) in my Outlook 2010. After restarting Outlook I noticed that the default settings were restored. It was not due to access rights or write protection.

Apparently the installation order of Office and Skype for Business plays a role. The user writes that he solved his problem in the following way:

  • Skype for Business 2016 is installed on my PC.
  • Skype has been uninstalled and then reinstalled.

If Office 2010 (or Outlook 2010) is installed after Skype for Business, the editor options cannot be changed permanently. First you need to install Microsoft Office. Then you can install Skype for Business. Then the Skype installer will probably cause the Outlook Skype plugin to be configured correctly and the editing options will still work.


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