Windows 10 message ‘We removed some recently installed updates …’

[German]On Windows 10, you may see a message that an update has been removed automatically to recover a devices from a startup failure. Microsoft has now explained why you see this information.


The information can be found in the support article Why were recently installed updates removed?, dated on March 11, 2019.

Microsofts explains this Windows 10 feature

Microsoft's goal for Windows 10 is to automatically install updates. MS promises that these updates will ensure the security of the devices and maximum efficiency. Whether this is true, everyone must answer for themselves. Occasionally, Microsoft admits, these updates may fail due to incompatibility or problems with new software. Then Windows 10 displays the following message. 

Removed Update

Then the device has recently recovered after a startup error. If Windows detects this, it will try to fix the error by uninstalling the most recently installed updates. This only happens if all other automatic recovery attempts are unsuccessful. 

A notification only

The notification: "We've removed some recently installed updates to restore your device after a boot failure" alerts you to this issue. If you feel that the updates in question should not be uninstalled, you can try installing driver or quality updates manually. The Microsoft post links to such articles.


The problem what I see: In some cases, the recovery will not work after a boot failure and the system will crash into a boot loop or an update loop. Then a manual repair is required. How to interrupt an update installation loop, if necessary, I have sketched in the blog post Fix: Windows 10 hangs in update installation loop.

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