Some Nokia 7 Plus devices sends data to China Mobile

A nasty story about Nokia: Owners of som eNokia 7 Plus phones has had their activation data sent to the mobile network operator China Mobile. Also switching the device on, transfers data.


The manufacturer HMD Global, which manufactures Nokia models in China, makes an embarrassing mistake. Some smartphones from Nokia have a ROM, which sends the data incorrectly to the mobile network operator China Mobile during activation. The whole thing was brought into the public by the Norwegian broadcaster NRK. One user noticed unusual data transmissions and informed the sender.

(Source NRK)

HMD Global then admitted the error on request. According to the Norwegian NRK, the devices contacted the address and transmitted data such as the SIM card number, the device identification number (IMEI), the location of the radio mast and also the MAC identification number for the WLAN. Behind the address is the mobile network operator China Mobile.

The Finnish data protection authority is considering opening an investigation. The Ombudsman for Data Protection in Finland, Reijo Aarnio, sees this incident as a violation of the DSGVO. According to HMD Global, this was an oversight and the error was corrected in February 2019. The company says: “However, this data has never been further processed. Further information can be found e.g. at NRK and here.


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