Chrome 73 shows “Managed by your Organization”

Some users of the Google Chrome browser will see a "Managed by your Organization" command in the menu. Here is some information on why this is harmless.


Google Chrome browser users in corporate environments encountered a "Managed by your Organization" command in the browser menu. But this command can also appear on private computers under Windows starting with Chrome 73.

“Managed by your Organization”(Source: Techdows)

I came across this report from Techdows before the weekend, but didn't have time to follow it up and discuss it in the blog. On Google, this command is mentioned in the Chrome 73 release notes, to be displayed when policies (in corporate environments) have been enabled. The policies can be viewed with about:policy.

Now Google has solved the 'puzzle' of this message. In the article More information on "Managed by your organization" messages, a Google Community Manager explains that users should not worry about this message. This comes if:

On a work computer, your device or account administrator (like your IT department) can set enterprise policies that change the behavior of Chrome (e.g. adding bookmarks to important web apps and intranet sites). When policies like this have been set on your browser, you'll see notices saying Chrome is "Managed by your organization".

On a home or personal computer, third-party software may have set a Chrome enterprise policy, which can create notices saying Chrome is "Managed by your organization".

  • In most cases, the software setting these policies is safe. For example, an application may use a policy to integrate more seamlessly with Chrome.

  • When this happens, Chrome will display the "Chrome is being managed by your organization" message to you, ensuring that you're aware that Chrome's behavior is being modified by someone other than you.

So it's nothing wrong with your Google Chrome browser, if that command is shown within the browser menu.  (via)


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