Windows 10: White bar on upper corner (dual screen mode)

[German]In Windows 10 there seems to be a display issue in dual-screen mode, in both version 1803 and 1809. Users complain about a white or black bar at the top of the screen.


The problem description

I came across this German Microsoft Answers forum post some time ago where a user describes the problem for Windows 10 version 1803 as follows.

I have the following phenomenon with 2 customers (both 2-screen operation):

On one (!) screen you can see a white bar at the upper edge, several centimeters high, running over the complete screen (with the 2nd customer partly also black).

The screenshot comes from a remote maintenance session, which means that I see it there too. It can even be seen in the small picture of the preview in the taskbar.

Bildschirm mit Balken
(Click to zoom)

Everything below [the white bar in the upper corner of the right screen] cannot be clicked either. If you drag a window over from the “normal” monitor, it looks quite normal. This only seems to affect windows that have been opened directly on this monitor. It also doesn’t always happen.

Could have been considered an isolated case where a graphics driver or misconfiguration caused the problem. But within this thread several users confirmed that report, all of them affected in dual monitor mode. The latest reports dates from March 2019 and refers to Windows 10 V1809. One affected person writes that the display error only occurs 1-2 times a day – then you could fix it by restarting.

I did some research on the web before I posted this blog post. This English-language MS Answers forum post from June 2018 describes a similar problem, but only with a screen. In this post and here a white line appears above apps. In this post someone blames the Electron framework. And here such a white bar for the Explorer is described. But I’m not sure if these are other scenarios.

Workarounds for the issue

Currently, two possible workarounds are described by the affected persons, with which the display error can be eliminated without a restart.


  • Set the display of the screen briefly to 125% by zoom and then go back to 100%.
  • You can press the Windows+P key combination to switch off the second screen. After that you go back to dual-monitor mode.

I don’t know of any solution to this problem – updating the graphics driver didn’t help those affected. Any of you affected? And if so, is there a known solution?

Addendum: I’ve escalated this issue via the German Microsoft Answers forum to all Microsoft forum moderators, but no reaction or a fix.

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8 Responses to Windows 10: White bar on upper corner (dual screen mode)

  1. Mike R says:

    I’ve found briefly inverting the screen via settings also fixes it. Temporarily at least.

  2. Jed B says:

    I have the same issue with several different computers of different manufactures.

    Have done windows updates, updated drivers and updated applications with no success.

    Many different temporary resolutions but no real fix.

    This was the first thread that I have found that accurately describes the issue.

    • guenni says:

      I’ve escalated the German MS answers thread twice to Microsoft – untill now no reaction.

  3. Matija says:


    In my firm we experience this problem for some time and I know it`s not 1809 version only problem. I tried with new VGA card, reinstalling windows, nothing helps for long.
    We are using Lenovo and HP PC.

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  5. edward says:

    does anybody have any update on this issue? i am expiriencing the same problem on 3 different computers, i would apriciate any kind of help, thanks.

    • guenni says:

      As far as I noticed, there is no fix from MS available. The cases in German MS Answers forum are still open – no resolution till yet (instead ‘switch to Linux duce’.

  6. Sergio says:

    Hi, we are having the same issue on lots of (newly build by us) computers… A fix would be great. We tried to upgrade to the latest intel VGA drivers, upgrade Windows to 1903, still the same problem. Computers are build by us: config: MSI B360 motherboard Intel Chipset, Dual Screen setup connected to onboard Intel VGA. Problem seems to be random… only common thing : dual screen…

  7. Ron Holtby says:

    We have the same issue and the problem is with Windows 10 Pro 1809 and I upgrade to 1903 but we still the same issue. I found that pressing F11 twice the white banner will disappear as well. The problem with our customer is on a HP

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