Windows 10 on 825 Million devices, market share and more

[German]Exciting question: On how many devices does Windows 10 actually run now? And what is the operating system share on desktops? I came across several information during the last days that I would like to present here.


There are now 825 million Windows 10 devices

Paul Thurrott reports within this article that he could read at the BUILD 2019 conference an internal Microsoft document. According to Thurrott, this document stated that Windows 10 is currently active on over 825 million devices worldwide. However, it's unclear to Thurrott, why Microsoft did not disclose this figure at the BUILD 2019.

Where is Windows 10 going?

Within his article, Thurrott also writes that after a recent reorganization, he got a better understanding of how the company will evolve Windows. Following Terry Myerson's departure in 2018, Microsoft promoted Eran Megiddo to Corporate Vice President of Windows and Education.

Megiddo will focus on the direction and strategy of the Windows client and report to Joe Belfiore. Belfiore will lead the Essential Products ("EPIC" internal) team at Microsoft. EPIC is part of Microsoft 365 and responsible for Windows 10 Apps, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, Android and iOS mobile experiences (Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft News and more). Eran and the Windows team have three goals for the near future:

  • Clarify Microsoft's strategy for Windows. 
  • Manage and improve cross-device experiences between Windows and mobile devices.
  • Continue the penetration of Windows into education.

There are a variety of new tasks and roles within Microsoft associated with this reorganization. But I'm not sure where Windows 10 is heading. Thurrott is also worried about the actual product. Perhaps one forgets from all these strategies and cross-devices experiences that it is an operating system that has to work on the desktop.

Windows market share

Let's now have a look on to the market shares of desktop operating systems and the distribution between Windows versions. In this April 2019 report, AdDuplex shows a 29.3% share for Windows 10 V1809 on Windows 10 systems. Although these figures are very uncertain, this version is struggling to conquer the desktop. A total of 63.2% of machines continue to run Windows 1803.


  • Windows 10: 44,10 %
  • Windows 7: 36, 43 %
  • Windows 8.1: 4,22 %
  • Windows XP: 2,45 %
  • Windows 8: 0,82% shows the above distribution for Windows on the desktop for the end of April 2019. Windows 10 has now clearly overtaken Windows 7 in 'market share' – Martin Geuß has unraveled the profit and loss account here. Windows runs on 88.22% of all desktop systems. mac OS 10.14 is 5.23% and mac OS 10.12 2.00%, by the way. All mac OS versions have a market share of 8.38%, while Linux remains at 1.99%.

Desktop-Betriebssystemverteilung April 2019
(Desktop-Betriebssystemverteilung April 2019, Quelle:

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