Windows 10: Thunderbird from Microsoft Store

The e-mail client Thunderbird is available on various platforms, from Linux to macOS to Windows. The Open Source community has made Thunderbird available now for Windows 10 as an app from the Microsoft Store.


The site HTNovo noticed this and reported about this possibility here. This is possible because the open source community has ported the email client to the Microsoft Store. They write from 'Store Port' – I guess using the Desktop Bridge.

Thunderbird als Windows-App

The Thunderbird Store app provides mail, calendar, RSS and contact management. Since the Thunderbird is an open source program, the app download is available for free. The app package is a little over 126 MByte in size.

On GitHub the developers write that an installation without administrator rights is possible. I myself have been using the Thunderbird for 10 years in a portable version. I don't need to install anything – and can even move the Thunderbird to an external hard drive or network drive to access emails or appointments from other machines. At the moment I don't really see the point in getting the stuff from the store and installing it, except for one situation. The exception is that the app runs under Windows 10 S – but who uses this version? But maybe someone has further reasons for this approach.  (via)

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