Windows Server 2016: Where to get Express-Updates for download?

[German]Since May 2019, Microsoft has stopped distributing Delta updates to Windows 10 and its server counterparts. These updates has been replaced by express updates. The problem a blog reader pointed out: Microsoft Update Catalog doesn't offer express updates for direct download yet. And if you want to download express updates via WSUS, you should provide a lot of free space on your hard disk.


Express Updates for Windows Server 2016

In August 2018 there were already indications from Microsoft that Delta updates for Windows 10 would soon be replaced by Express updates. This is because express updates are more compact than delta updates.

The tweet above shows Microsoft's promise to reduce the package size of updates. Since November 2018, Express updates for Windows Server 2018 have been offered again, as Microsoft writes in this Technet article.

Delta updates and express updates were then offered in parallel for a certain transitional period. In order to reduce complexity for administrators, Microsoft announcement at Technet that the delivery of Delta updates would end in February 2019.

The moves around the Express updates, which were temporarily suspended due to a bug, can be found in the blog post Windows Server 2016: Express Updates shipping from 11/2018. There I also mentioned requirements that have to be met to install Express Updates.

However, Microsoft still delivered Delta updates until April 2019. So in May 2019 it's the first time, administrators can't use delta updates anymore. 


But where to get Express Updates for Server 2016?

Administrators who want to manually download Express updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog now have a problem. Blog reader David M. has just pointed this out to me. I'm adding it to the blog here, maybe more people are in the same boat. The blog reader writes:

Hello, Mr. Born,

In our environment, I have always had bitchy 2016 servers that have massive problems with the installation of the monthly cumulative updates – until now I had always manually supplied these servers with the delta updates.

Since this May these Delta updates are no longer available, but only the Express updates, but: for May I don't find any Express updates in the Windows Update Catalog for Server 2016. Do they already exist? How exactly does MS name these Express Updates?

That's a good question – if you check the Microsoft Update Catalog for updates, you'll find some cumulative updates and servicing stack updates for May 2019. Express updates are not listed. If one of you knows where to download these express updates, just leave a comment. I didn't find anything during a search.

Pitfall: Download Express Updates in WSUS

The blog reader has had another experience. Microsoft describes in the article Deploy Windows 10 updates using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) how to configure WSUS to download express updates. The reader shares his experiences:

Within the section "Express Installation File" I found out how to download the Express-Files in WSUS – but the first WSUS-Sync does not immediately show how much memory these Express-Files need. I had to deactivate this switch again because after 2 days the Express files already took more than 2 terrabytes of disk space and there was still no end in sight (I don't want to download Microsoft completely ;-)

The question arises whether you have had similar experiences with Windows Server 2016 and WSUS? Are there any comments? Was something overlooked? Thanks to the blog reader for sharing the information with the community here.

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