Windows 10: New hints at 19H2 and broken Dark mode

[German]Even though Microsoft is currently testing builds from the Windows 10 20H1 development branch with Windows Insiders, the 19H2 development branch is making progress. This would give Microsoft's developers a chance to clean up the chaos in dark mode implementation.


The 20H1 development branch will be a Windows 10 version released in spring 2020, while the 19H2 is expected in autumn 2019.

Hits at Windows 10 19H2 in SDK 18908

Tero Alhonen have had a closer look into definitions in the Windows SDK SDK 18908 and found references to the 19H2. In the following tweet he posted the details what he has found.

Chaos in dark mode

Personally, I don't like the dark mode at all – ergonomically, it's a relapse into the days when black-and-white monitors displayed white text on a black background. Ergonomists were happy when monitors could finally display black writing on a white background – like in books. But the dark mode seems cool nowerdays – you 'have it less bright', so the argumentation. I for myself have often swear about the continuous dark design of some software (Visual Studio, Photoshop Elements etc.) when writing computer books. You can't take reasonable screenshots that are readable in the printed book.

But I'm just old school – Dark Mode is cool – and in Windows 10 everybody can choose if it should be used. But I can't understand all those mentions in articles about Windows 10, because: Microsoft never managed it, to implement the dark mode in a proper way.


Rafael Rivera points this out in the above tweet. Some apps can be displayed completely in dark mode, others only partially and other windows don't know this mode at all. Same chaos as with context menus, which were mixed wild in the first Windows 10 builds. So Microsoft has an opportunity to fix the dark mode in Windows 10 19H2 finally, because it's a Windows at your service (WaaS)– wait, guess I mixed something in the WaaS definition.

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6 Responses to Windows 10: New hints at 19H2 and broken Dark mode

  1. pidar says:

    Windows 19H2 – now with an improved dark mode and twice the number of bugs. As a bonus, it cleans up your Documents folder to save you from free space issues.

    Shove it, M$.

  2. EP says:

    well guenni, MS has not released any test builds for 1909 or 19H2 yet and it's already June and reaching the start of the summer season.

    reactions from Askwoody and How-to-geek about that:

  3. EP says:

    And this recent article just came out today 6/21, pointing out that 19H2 is STILL MIA and the summer season has just begun:

    • guenni says:

      Thanks, Just recognized tust, but try top find out, what MIA is – language gap.

      MIA missing in Action ?

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