Windows 10: last Delta Updates on April 9, 2019

[German]Just a reminder for administrators in business environments who are still using so-called delta updates. On April 9, 2019, Microsoft will release such delta updates for Windows 10 for the last time.


Delta Updates, an overview

With regard to the optimization of the update size for Windows 10, Microsoft developers introduced the solution with the so-called 'Delta Updates', which should also work without WSUS. The delta updates contain only the patches from the previous month and no longer the entire update history of the relevant Windows 10 build.

Größe von Delta-Updates zu kumulativen Updates
(Source: Microsoft)

This should decrease the size of the update packets up to 40%. Microsoft has published the above chart with the size comparison between cumulative updates, express packages and delta updates. I discussed some more details within my blog post Microsoft announced the end of Windows 10 Delta Updates.

Microsoft stops delta updates

Within the above article  I had reported already in July 2018, that Microsoft will phase out the Delta updates for Windows 10 in favor of the Express updates available under WSUS & Co. Was announced at the time via Twitter and in the tech community


According to the first announcement, delta updates would have stopped as early as February 2019. However, the article in the Tech Community received a supplement dated February 5, 2019.

Based on customer feedback, we are extending Delta update publication for Windows 10 versions 1607, 1703, 1709, and 1803. We will continue to provide Delta updates via the Microsoft Update Catalog through April 9th, 2019, which will be the last delta update available.

Customers had force Microsoft to extend the period for delta updates. As a result, Windows 10 versions 1607, 1703, 1709 and 1803 will receive these delta updates until April 9, 2019. Would have passed me by if I hadn't been notified via Twitter.

In the March 2019 updates, Microsoft reminds you that the provision of Delta updates will expire definitively in April 2019. Question: Anyone else who is using these Delta updates?

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