VLC Media Player Green flickering bug fix update

Sicherheit[German]The developers of VideoLan released the VLC Player version for Linux, macOS and Windows last night. It is a maintenance update which fixes the bug that during mpeg video playing a green flickering is displayed.


Last week version 3.0.7 of the VLC was released (see VLC Media Player 3.0.7 released). This version has closed a number of critical vulnerabilities in the software (see my linked article).

Issues with VLC 3.0.7

Shortly after publishing my blog post VLC Media Player 3.0.7 released German users reported issues. Blog reader Malte wrote:

With the new version there are problems, if you watch a DVD you see green flickering. I haven’t found a solution except downgrade yet.

Also Alfred Neumann confirmed this within this comment:

I also have the problem with the “green flickering” but with all MPEG files. So I downgraded to 3.0.6 right away.

Within VLC forum the issue has also been addressed. A downgrade is no option, due VLC 3.0.7 is a security update.

The cause are mostly settings

For lack of time I had not got involved in the discussion. But I know from experience that these effects like red lines or green flickering are caused by wrong settings or incorrect codec packs. For example, a long time ago I published a blog post about videos have a red vertical line in WMP 12. There it was the demo mode of the Catalyst graphics card driver that had to be turned off.


Since the graphics driver was not mentioned in the user feedback, I would have guessed a faulty codec pack. Since the VLC player comes with these codec packs, there is nothing you can do as a user(codec packs installed in Windows have no influence on the VLC). There would only have been the possibility to see if you could disable certain rendering options. In this context, the hardware acceleration of GPUs occurs to me as a frequent problem bear. Before I got around to researching anything, blog reader Homer had already posted the workaround: Disable hardware encoding via settings. That has been proposed within the VLC forum. German blog reader Oli confirmed, that this workaround helped.

VLC Player fixes the issue

When I just started the VLC Player 3.0.7 to view a video, I was greeted with an update notification.

Update auf VLC

It was already stated there that issues with AMD drivers were fixed in this maintenance update. In the change log there are the following hints for corrections:

  • Access: Update libbluray to 1.1.2
  • macOS: Fix bluray java menu playback regression in 3.0.7
  • Video Output: Fix hardware acceleration with some AMD drivers;
    Improve direct3d11 HDR support

Alfred Neumann confirmed within this comment, hat the update to VLC Player fixes the green flickering. So just update it or check the Videolan VLC website for a new download.


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5 Responses to VLC Media Player Green flickering bug fix update

  1. Max says:

    “Tools -> Settings -> Input / Codec -> Hardware accelerated decoding = disable and the green flickering should be eliminated” There’s no such setting in Preferences to fix the green bar at bottom problem in 3.0.7 and hasn’t fixed it either.

    All .mkv and .mp4 videos have this problem.

    .avi plays fine.

    So :-?

  2. JR says:

    Your instructions worked great. The update actually caused my green flickering issue, rather than fixed it. . .

  3. John says:

    I was running 3.0.6 on Win 8.1 which worked fine. I updated to that caused a wide green band while playing all videos. I installed 3.0.7 went to “Tools > Preferences >
    Input / Codec > and disabled Hardware Accelerated Decoding. I also checked my AMD settings and noticed my GPU Scaling is off. I’m not tech savoy enough to know if this makes a difference.
    All my videos work fine at the moment.
    Thanks for your feedback.

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  5. Boris says:

    Thanks Max, your solution works perfect, so we didn’t need this update at all, only had to put of the hardware decoding and restart the movie. It needs a fresh restart of the movie otherwise you will not see the solution.

  6. S says:

    For the Solution, go to,
    Tools>>Preferences>>Input/Codecs> Hardware-accelerated Decoding>DISABLE
    Save settings and restart VLC.

    Thanks, Max.

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