Intel® NUC Kit NUC5i7RYH BIOS Update

Windows Update[German]Intel has released a new BIOS update for its NUC kit NUC5i7RYH. Applies to the BIOS of the Intel® NUC Kits NUC5i3RYH, NUC5i3RYHS, NUC5i3RYK, NUC5i5RYH, NUC5i5RYHS, NUC5i5RYK and NUC5i7RYH.


Has already been released mid May 2019 and can be downloaded here. I became aware of the facts through the following tweet – maybe it will help.  

Bleeping Computer reported within this article about another fix. Intel released High Urgency Issues that allow privilege escalation, Denial of Service (DoS), and disclosure of information about multiple models of its NUC kits and the RAID Web Console utility for Windows. Intel has released seven firmware updates, while the RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) utility has received a security patch.


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