iCloud client is available as an app in Microsoft-Store

[German]A brief note for Windows 10 users with Apple iOS devices. Apple provides the iCloud client for Windows now as an app in Microsoft Store. Here are a few details about that.


iCloud is home of iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks and more. Previously, the iCloud client for Windows was only available for download on the Apple site. However, Apple has now made the iCloud client available for free download from the Microsoft Store. Microsoft recently announced this in an extensive blog post


However, the iCloud client can only be downloaded under Windows 10 and then installed. With the client, you can easily access your photos, videos, emails, calendars, files and other important information from your iCloud account from Windows 10.

iCloud-Client -Integration im Explorer
(Source: Apple)

If the iCloud client is installed on Windows 10, it integrates with Explorer. You can then access the iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos folders directly from the navigation bar. A description of the options can be found in the Microsoft Store and on this Apple page.


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