Windows SIM: Errors on 64 bit systems with ADK

[German]There is a known issue with Windows SIM when a 64-bit Windows ADK is installed on the machine. Then administrators will get errors when creating auto anwer files for an installation. Microsoft has now released version 1903 for Windows SIM for error correction.


Windows System Image Manager (Windows SIM) is a tool for creating unattended response files for Windows Setup. The tool is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) and is described on this Microsoft page. Many years ago, I tested the tool for the last time as part of a book project on Windows 7.

Problem: 64 bit Windows ADK

It seems, however, that on machines where Windows ADK is installed in a 64-bit version, errors occur when using Windows SIM. Then you simply can't create response files for a Windows installation anymore. Now Microsoft offers a solution.

The above tweet of Windows IT Pro indicates that there is an update for those affected. In the know issues section the issues is confirmed. There it is recommended to download and install Windows SIM Version 1903. Then the problem should be solved. 

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