Windows 10 V1903: Creative X-Fi driver updated

[German]A few days ago Creative released an updated driver package 'Sound Blaster X-Fi Series Software Pack' for Windows 10 for download. The driver package fixes some bugs and also supports Windows 10 V1903.


Colleagues at have noticed a few days ago that a driver update for Creative X-Fi has been available since June 24, 2019. On this Creative website you can download the file SBXF_PCDRV_L11_2_30_0012.exe. This download includes the driver and application(s) for use with your Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ audio devices. The download only supports the following devices:

  • Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty® Professional Series
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi

The driver fixes the error that the audio output remains mute or the error "Unable to find audio device" is reported in Windows 10 Version 1803 and higher. The driver requires the following for installation:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 32-Bit oder 64-Bit
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Soudkarte gemäß obiger Liste

To install, simply double-click the downloaded installation file to start it. Further details can be found in the Release Notes.

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8 Responses to Windows 10 V1903: Creative X-Fi driver updated

  1. Peter says:

    Still doesn't work on my x-fi elite pro system crashes and sound crashes.

  2. Tim Ma says:

    It's works!!! and my X-Fi CMSS-3D & X-Fi Crystalizer with full 100% open better than before.

  3. Brent Bary says:

    Hi, still trying to find a working solution fir my XFi Home Theater HD for Windows 10 any suggestions ?

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  5. Adil Daiye says:

    I have the auzentech xfi home theatre hd and after much frustration i finally figured it out. use revo uninstaller (google for an older free version) to uninstall all creative stuff and delete things from the registry. then restart your computer. , Then download the drivers from here
    Next install the xfi home theatre hd from zip file from the link after extracting ofcourse, use a free program called 7zip.
    then restart your computer
    then download files from Daniel k's blog for
    this includes the software files that you need, DO NOT install the drivers from this package.
    choose custom installation and install only the software you want, I installed, creative console launcher, auto miode switcher etc, make sure you uncheck the drivers. as you do not want this to update what you already have.
    once thats done, restart you pc, and click on creative console launcher, and everything just works!!!!
    i installed it on the latest windows build as of June 23rd 2020. I had it working before but sofware updates including dolby atmos software in dinwows etc broke it a year ago, I didnt bother reinstalling it until now.
    Good luck!!!

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