Word 2013 Update KB4475525 (July 2, 2019) causing CRC error in WSUS and certificate error with ADR at SCCM

Windows Update[German]A brief note to administrators in corporate environments. There are issues with update KB4475525 for Word 2013 (July 2, 2019). This cannot be imported in environments with WSUS or SCCM, but causes a CRC 32 or certificate error.


I introduced Update KB4475525 for Microsoft Word 2013 in the article Microsoft Office Patchday (July 2, 2019). This update fixes an issue that causes Outlook to crash in 2013 when an incoming e-mail message contains a table.

There are CRC 32 errors at WSUS

Shortly after the publication the German edition of my article mentioned above I got feedback from German blog readers reporting issues:

1: Our WSUS reports a CRC error during download for KB4475525 32Bit.

2: The download at KB4475525 also aborts with a CRC error. The rest seems to be ok.

Within this comment Reader Tobias writes: 

Same error when downloading the KB via WSUS

Error downloading the content file.
Cause: CRC verification failure.
Source file: /d/msdownload/update/software/crup/2019/06/word-x-none_fac010d01176d1a785a3b59c6cabaecb4dee4550.cab
Target file: Path:\WSUS\WsusContent\50\FAC010D01176D1A785A3B59C6CABAECB4DEE4550.cab

So it doesn't seem to be a local download error. Instead, the file that Microsoft provides for synchronization with WSUS is broken.

Reader Bernhard points out here that the update is provided as both 32 and 64 bit, although he only uses the 32 bit Office clients.

SCCM also affected

While writing the blog post last night, there were hardly any hits. I just came across this reddit.com thread where someone gets a "13875 signature error for the certificate" in the ADR (Automatic Deployment Rules). 


ADR failure – KB signing issues

anyone else experiencing issues with kb4475525 where it will generate a 13875 signing certificate failure? while my ADR picked it up with a failure code, manually downloading the 32bit version via SCCM console will also fail.

i've been doing a fair bit of work with our SCCM system – inplace OS upgrade including flattening WSUS, and also working on the SUP side including adding the dell, hp & lenovo 3rd party updates and lastnight/today has been resync day.

I haven't looked into anything else yet but i beleive both the MS and 3rd party sources are working fine and it's isolated to just this KB update. I guess at this point i'm just looking for confirmation that it is the update and not something wrong with our deployment.

This error is also confirmed by other users.

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6 Responses to Word 2013 Update KB4475525 (July 2, 2019) causing CRC error in WSUS and certificate error with ADR at SCCM

  1. Mike Gentry says:

    It's happening to me, as well…. I manually downloaded the file from Microsoft (not the Update Catalog flavor of it), and have been able to manually apply word2013-kb4475525-fullfile-x86-glb.exe on systems requiring it, but when trying to download the file to WSUS, it consistently fails to download with the CRC verification error mentioned in this article. I even attempted to use the Microsoft Update Catalog and import the file directly into WSUS (something I didn't know I could do until today), and while this was reported to be successful via the pure mechanics of the mechanism, trying to search for the resultant cab file within the WSUSContent folder never shows the file in existence (AND, WSUS continues to show this file failing to download). No matter how many times I've (repeatedly) tried.

  2. Tim says:

    The issue is still present on our systems…

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  4. Leandro says:

    Still fails.

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