Eurofins victim of a Ransomware, pays and contract gets terminated

Eurofins was the victim of a cyber attack (this is known) and had to pay a ransom. It went really stupid, because the largest provider of forensics for the judiciary and the police in Great Britain has now been dismissed.


Eurofins Scientific SE headquartered in Luxembourg, is a listed group in the analytical laboratory sector. The group offers bioanalytical services worldwide, primarily in the areas of food and feed, pharmaceuticals and the environment. At the beginning of June 2019 it became known that the laboratory computers of Eurofins were infected by an Epressungstrojan. As a result, many of the laboratory service provider's IT systems had to be taken offline.

I had reported about it in the German blog post Ransomware wütet in Eurofins-Laboren about a ransomware attack in Eurofins laboratories.  Now I have become aware of the above tweet about the consequences for Great Britain. Once they said that the company probably paid a ransom to get back to the data. The ransom was probably paid between 10 June, when Eurofins made a detailed statement about the attack, and 24 June, when an optimistic status update was released.

The incident prompted the British police, according to a BBC report, to discontinue cooperation with the global test company. This was an emergency police response to the cyber attack. DNA and blood samples, which needed urgent testing, were sent to other suppliers to allow for timely forensic investigations.

The incident has led to delays in the provision of forensic investigations. It is assumed that some court cases have been postponed because information on the results of Eurofins' analyses was not available.


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