Windows 10 20H1: MS shipped canary build 18947 to insiders

[German]Microsoft mistakenly released build 18947 of Windows 10 (the 20H1 development branch) a few hours ago. Was only distributed to Windows Insiders and the version has already been withdrawn. It looks as if Microsoft is working internally on a revision of the start menu.


The build 18947 of Windows 10 from the 20H1 development branch compiled on 24.7.2019 suddenly appeared as an upgrade for Windows insiders in all rings. I just became aware of the topic through a tweet by Richard Hay.

Hay merely points out that the version is no longer available. I then looked it up. Zack Bowden has mentioned it in more detail on Twitter.

The build was distributed to all Windows insiders – and Bowden points out that this is an untested canary build that has hit all insiders. Paul Thurrott has written something about it.


Of course this is especially stupid if people have mistakenly classified the machine with Windows 10 Version 1903 in the Release Preview Ring in production environments. Then they are probably now on Windows 10 20H1. Interesting is what the people who got the build (I didn't boot my test machine) found out.

In Redmond the guys are wake up slowly and look what's went wrong this time …

Experimenting with the start menu

I noticed some tweets on Twitter, which thematize changes of the Windows 10 19H2 start menu.

Windows 10 19H2 startmenu (eperimental)
(Source: MSPU Screenshot)

You may read about that within the MS Power User article here for instance. They have some screenshots with explanations in this article.

Microsoft's explanation

Jason from Microsoft has posted an explanation at Microsoft Answers:

Insider Build 18947 – Information and How To Rollback

Hello Insiders!
We'd like to share information with you regarding build 18947 as released to Windows Insider audiences earlier today. We'll cover what happened and how to revert your device to your desired state.

To the question 'How did this happen', Jason provides a simple answer.

Windows Insiders may be wondering what caused this scenario. We actively test and validate each of our preview builds internally before sharing them externally, however a configuration change allowed this build to release to multiple rings simultaneously, including external rings. We have made the necessary remediation in our Flighting service and have implemented additional changes to help prevent from this happening in the future. We apologize for any troubles this may have caused for affected Insiders and appreciate your assistance in bringing this to our attention so we could make the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

Well done – the Microsoft Answers post also contains advices how to rollback to the previous Windows 10 build.

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2 Responses to Windows 10 20H1: MS shipped canary build 18947 to insiders

  1. Crysta T Lacey says:

    Just a small Technical point of correction.

    This was a 2003 Build NOT A 1909 Build.

    I do not do viruses in Tech, I leave them up to the Medical community. They are just to damn confusing. For me 2003 is consis and to the point…..


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