Windows 10 V1903: CPU utilization too high

German blog reader Andi O. has made a feature update to Windows 10 version 1903 on his machine. Then he detected that the CPU usage after the upgrade was too high.


The blog reader informed my about his experiences with Windows 10 V1903 already at the beginning of July 2019 by e-mail (thanks for that). Here an outline of the descriptions.

Hello Mr. Born
As you can see from my last e-mail, I made a function upgrade to the 1903. Here is my experience:

I had to go back to the previous version of Windows 10 using Start -> Settings -> Update and Security –> Restore

So the system was back to the Windows 10 version 1809. For my hardware, HP Pavilion 550-141ng, the idle CPU load of the 1903 was too high.

CPU-Auslastung Windows 10 V1903
CPU utilization Windows 10 V1903

With Windows 10 version 1809 it was then normal again in idle mode.
See screenshot

CPU-Auslastung Windows 10 V1809
CPU utilization Windows 10 V1809

With “too high” I was referring to speed (GHz), not usage (%). As you can see on the screenshot “Utilization 1903”, the 3.93 GHz was almost 15.25% faster than my base speed. And that in idle. The CPU gets too hot there.

Do you have similar experiences regarding the CPU load?



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