Some information about the Edge Browser

[German]Microsoft yesterday released the first (official) beta of the Edge browser for Windows 7. Here are some additional information. There are group policies for administration. And Microsoft has revealed what feedback came from the community and how demands are implemented via road map.


Insider feedback on Edge and feature road map

In a Techcommunity blog post David Rubino from Microsoft wrote about the user requests and feedback given to Microsoft by participants of the Insider program for the Edge browser. Some feedback was implemented directly in the browser..

  • The often requested dark theme is now implemented in the Edge Browser.
  • Bing Translate is now integrated into Microsoft Edge
  • Want more control over the data your browser stores? Learn about privacy controls in the Privacy and Services settings, including the option to choose what to delete each time you close your browser.
  • There is now an option in the settings under Appearance that allows you to control the display of the Favorites bar.
  • If you’re annoyed about the ads, you want a read view to give you a trouble-free reading experience. Further new features that were requested are planned for September 2019.

Anyone who is annoyed by the advertisements should get a trouble-free reading experience with a reading view. Further innovations that were requested are planned for September 2019.

  • An option to prevent automatic video and audio playback when a website is opened.
    Scrolling improvements and more.
  • Add a Favorites button to the toolbar for faster access to favorites.

The blog post is a kind of road map of what Microsoft intend to implement as new features within the following months. 

Group policies for the Edge

Administrators in enterprise environments will be interested in group policy management. Microsoft has also prepared something, as you can read about the following Tweet.



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