Windows 10: Issues with update options – Part 1

[German]Within the blog post I would like to pick up two issues about the settings for updates under Windows 10 that has come to my attention. One is the possibility (or inability) to hide the update delay in Windows 10 V1809, which doesn't work. And I came across a case where Windows 10 was in the Insider Preview without being assigned an account from the program.


With the options to delay the update installation, I'm 'at war somehow'. Windows 10 Version 1903 introduced an update control for all users. But if you work with group policies to set update delays, you will facing issues. I had reported about it in the blog post Windows 10 May 2019 Update brings back Update control.

Windows 10 V1809: GPO to pause update does not work

In Windows 10, version 1809 should be able to remove the options for pausing updates via group policies. The whole thing is outlined in this blog post on German blog reader Martin K. contacted me this week by mail and wrote:

Option to suspend updates can't get removed

what I want to do: In Settings/Windows Update/ Advanced Options remove the possibility to pause updates.

There is also GPO or Regkey as described here. It doesn't work with 1709 (ok is not supported there…. so it's ok if it doesn't work), but with 1809 [doesn't work either].

He sent me the following screenshot of the registry, where you can see the entries.

Registry-Entry Update Pause

(Click to size)


But no matter what he tried, the GPO doesn't seem to work. The options are still available.

(Click to size)

Markus writes: Can also reproduce this on my system which is not in the domain. But maybe I'm overlooked something? Anyone else with similar experiences?

Addendum:  After a week Markus contacted me again and wrote 'a reboot didn't help, but after a few hours/days "Pause updates" is grayed out now. I don't think I want to understand that.'

Insiders without an insider account?

Tero Alhonen demonstrated with a tweet that the options shown on the settings page of Windows 10 should not be taken seriously with regard to the insider preview page.

The photo above shows that his machine is in the slow ring of the Windows Insider program. But the page does not show to which Windows Insider account he belongs. Pretty crude, this options shown. Well, a few restarts and possibly exiting and re-entering the Insider program should fix the problem.

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