New iPhone 11 as an Internet Meme

On September 10, 2019, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 11 models. The iPhone Pro contains a triple camera system whose lenses already have an eye-catching housing shape. Of course, this immediately led to associations – and now the Internet is makingMemes about the new iPhone 11.


I confess, the association with the shaving heads of an electric razor immediately crossed my mind when I saw the first photo. Brad Sams seems to have had a similar experience, because he dropped the following tweet.

Other people used image editing to mount hotplates of an electric cooker on the photo with the lenses. The result is a great cooker.

If you search on Twitter for the relevant terms, you will immediately get a series of hits. The associations range from shavers to cookers, fidget spinners to coconuts.


In reality it looks different with the multi-camera lenses – but Apple’s presentation went a bit wrong. They should have taken other images during the presentation, I guess.

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