Unicredit discloses a data breach, 3 million customers affected

[German]The Italian bank Unicredit had to admit to a major data breach through a hack. As a result the data of 3 million customers from the year 2015 were probably deducted bei thread actors.


I became aware of this data breach a couple of hours ago through the following tweet – announing the incident. 

The Italian bank UniCredit has recently admitted that about three million of its Italian customers are affected probably by a hack of their data from 2015. UniCredit's cyber security team has found that an actor have accessed a file created in 2015 containing around three million records of Italian customers.

The file captured by the actor contains the names, the city, the telephone number and the e-mail of the affected customers. According to the bank, no other personal data or bank details that allow access to customer accounts or unauthorized transactions were compromised. The Bank reported the incident to the authorities and initiated an internal investigation. Under the current DSGVO, however, the incident is likely to have consequences.

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