Addendum: Fixes for Access Error 3340 (Nov. 22, 2019)

[German]What about the fixes for the access error '3340: query "|" is corrupted' triggered by the November 2019 security updates? Microsoft had announced further bug fixes as of November 22, 2019.


Access Error '3340: Query "|" is corrupt'

Updates released for Patchday (November 12, 2019) for Microsoft Office cause Access to issue an access error '3340: Query "|" is corrupted" during accessing databases.

3340: Query ”|” is corrupt 

The error occurs in fact in all Access versions, with MSI and C2R installation as well as in the Access runtime. I had discussed the details in the blog post Office November 2019 Updates are causing Access Error 3340. But Microsoft had released a hotfix for Access 2016 and promised further fixes for Access 2010/2013 and the Click-to-Run versions for November 22, 2019 (see my blog post Fix for Error 3340 in Access 2016 (Update KB4484198)).

Changes: Office 365 fixed, the rest is delayed

First Microsoft announced the fixes for November 24, and December 10, 2019. Then the update with a fix (KB4484198) for Access 2016 has been released on November 18, 2019. And Microsoft announced fixes for Access 2010/2013 on November 22, 2019. But these fixes are now scheduled for November 29, 2019. However, the click-to-run versions for Office 365 Monthly Channel and Access 2016 C2R as well as Access 2019 (Version 1910) were provided with updates to fixe the bug on November 18, 2019. But this was already mentioned from reader as comments here within my blog. The table in this Microsoft article now lists the following dates scheduled for the release of additional fixes.

Version Build Release Date Update Link
Access 2010 7241.5001 November 29, 2019 (estimated)  

Access 2013 MSI


Access 2013 C2R


November 29, 2019 (estimated)

December 10, 2019

Access 2016 MSI 4927.1002 November 18, 2019 KB4484198
Access 2019 Volume License December 10, 2019  
Access for Office 365/Access 2016 C2R/Access 2019 (Version 1911) 12130.20390 November 18, 2019 (estimated) Update aus Office-Anwendung
Access for Office 365 Semi-Annual (1902)

November 29, 2019 (estimated)  
Access for Office 365 Semi-Annual

(Version 1808)

December 10, 2019  

For Access for Office 365 and Access 2016/2019 C2R, the update must be triggered from Office (menu File/Account and then via the update command. This only works for the Monthly Update Channel (see table above). But you could switch from Semi-Annual to Monthly Update (as posted here).


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