Trend Micro WFBS 10.0 SP1: Patch Build 2185 released

[German]Just a brief note: Trend Micro has released Patch Build 2185 for its Worry Free Business Security (TM WFBS) Version 10.0 Service Pack 1. This provides Windows 10 V1909 compatibility and some fixes of know issues.


Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security (TM WFBS) protects small businesses, users and assets from data theft, identity theft, risky websites, and spam (Advanced version only). Blog reader Tom B. thankfully sent me a short e-mail that the package has been updated.

TM WFBS 10.0 Service Pack 1 Patch – Build 2185

The patch (WFBS_100_SP1_WIN_ALL_Patch_2185.exe) was released on December 10, 2019. It supports the Windows 10 November 2019 Update (version 1909) on clients. The Readme file states that the patch fixes the following important bugs:

Issue 1:     (SEG-61732)
                  An issue triggers TmListen to stop unexpectedly
     Solution 1:  This patch resolves the issue so TmListen runs

Issue 2:     (SEG-55483)
                  The Worry-Free Business Security Agent uses up a large
                  amount of memory.
     Solution 2:  This patch prevents the high memory usage issue in

Issue 3:     (SEG-55223)
                  Security Agents may restart repeatedly after the
                  second or third scheduled scan.
     Solution 3:  This patch resolves the issue so that agent computers
                  can run scheduled scans without issues.
Issue 4:     (SEG-53143)
                  An issue prevents Worry-Free Business Security from
                  cleaning spyware completely.
     Solution 4:  This patch ensures the spyware can be cleaned


Issue 5:     (SEG-61776)
                  The Security Server cannot successfully update the
                  pattern because the Master Service stops and freezes
                  the manual pattern update at 80% complete.
     Solution 5:  This patch ensures that Security Server can perform
                  pattern update without issues.
Issue 6:     (SEG-60707)
                  “cgiRecvFile.exe” is affected by a path traversal
     Solution 6:  This patch solves the path traversal vulnerability.
Issue 7:     (SEG-36241)(SEG-29565)(SEG-32089)(SEG-33574)
                  The TMAS module encounters an error after users
                  install a patch or a Security Server upgrade.
     Solution 7:  This patch resolves the related Microsoft Outlook(TM)
                  issue to prevent the error.
Issue 8:     (SEG-64891)
                  Agent installation package exceeds 2GB after patch 2179
                  is applied and the installation might be failed.
     Solution 8:  This patch ensures agent installer can work correctly.

The file WFBS_100_SP1_WIN_ALL_Patch_2185.exe may be downloaded from this Trend Micro web page (use the Produkt Patch tab).


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12 Responses to Trend Micro WFBS 10.0 SP1: Patch Build 2185 released

  1. Jim Reaney says:

    This patch along with previously released path 2179 fails to install on servers running OS prior to Server 2012, so looks like Trend have removed support for SBS 2011

    • guenni says:

      I got the feedback from a German reader, that the patch failed on several Windows Server 2008 and 2012 R2.

    • Damian D-M says:

      FYI, got the patch to work on SBS2011 server – after initially failing. Check c:\TMPatch.log and it will tell you what it’s failing on. On the server I was doing, it couldn’t copy isapiclient.dll (even after stopping the service). Stopped the service manually, renamed the dll, cleaned out c:\Windows\temp and tried again – worked.

    • Muaaz says:

      I was having same issue on 2012 R2. In the properties of folder ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro’ added logged in user under security tab with full access.
      Ran update and installed with no issues

  2. J says:

    Hi Damian, have same issue on SBS2011 servers.
    Have you seen any post-installation problems?

  3. hamarit says:

    Thank you Damian D-M!
    I had the same problem on a SBS2011 and I could solve it with your advice.

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  5. Matthew Warburton says:

    Hi, is anyone else seeing Win10 clients popping up with ‘your computer is not protected – firewall is disabled etc’ notification? Clients also spammed with notifications saying they are receiving an update. They also seem to be showing as offline randomly in the admin portal even though the client is showing as connected.

  6. Alessandro says:

    Hello Matthew.

    My problem after patch 2185: the agents on the clients are unable to update to the latest pattern if they remain offline for more than 3 days.

    After 3 days offline, the only way is to manually copy the latest pattern file in the Security Agent folder.
    After this manual update, the agents start again to automatically update itself.


    • Matthew Warburton says:

      Thanks Alessandro. It seemed in my case there was an issue with the latest patch on the server and all the clients were stuck in an update loop – putting stress on both clients and the Trend server. I had to do a full re-install of the Trend server for the clients to update.


    • guenni says:

      Delete the pattern files should solve the issue – a blog post will follow.

  7. Oli says:

    Different situation on two SBS 2011 servers:
    Both needed the isapiclient.dll to be renamed before Patch 2185 could be installed successfully.

    Both updated their agents to version 2041, but only one of the servers also applied patch 2185 to the agents. The second one does not apply the hotfix.

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