Operating system/Windows Market Share (December 2019)

[German]It's early January 2020, and Windows 7 will expire this month. Time to take a look at the current market share of desktop operating systems as of the end of December 2019.


Windows dominates the desktop

Looking at the latest figures from netmarketshare.com  (until December 2019), Windows still runs on 86.84% (Nov. 2019: 86.06%) of desktop systems. Mac OS runs on 11.9% (Oct. 11.0%) of systems, while Linux runs on 1.61% (Oct. 1.65) of systems. So in fact no real change in market share, Windows dominates the desktop.

Desktop Operatingsystem Share 12/2019
(Operating system shares Desktop 12-2019, source: netmarketshare.com)

Desktop versions at a glance

In the analysis of the distribution by operating system version, the NetMarketShare for Desktop Operating Systems website reports the following distribution for the end of December 2019:

  • Windows 10 comes to 54.62% (previous month 53.33%),
  • Windows 7 is at 26.64% (previous month 26.86%),
  • Windows 8.1 still comes to 3.63% (previous month 3.32%),
  • and macOS 10.14 comes to 3.50 % (previous month 4.15 %)

So Windows 10 could not really gain in December 2019, even though the support for Windows 7 will expire this month. Windows 7 lost minimal market share (is within the range of statistical fluctuations) and still runs on every fourth desktop system.

Betriebssystemverteilung Desktop 12-2019(Operating system share 12-2019, source: netmarketshare.com)


This is not what I had imagined

I was a bit surprised by the decrease in macOS share, but this may be due to statistical fluctuations. Linux with 1.41% (average value over 12 months in 2019, the value for December 2019 is 1.20%) does not appear in the above chart. But what you can also state: The change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 did not take place at least at the turn of the year 2019/2020. People stay with the currently used operating systems.

If 14 days before the end of support more than every fourth desktop computer is still running Windows 7, this is a huge gossip for Microsoft. Although the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free is still possible, one in four Windows users doesn't even want this operating system as a gift. If someone had told me this 5 years ago, I would have classified the person as grazy. The information of an ex-Microsoft employee from Greece comes to my mind, who wrote me two years ago that Microsoft in Redmond was on fire, because Windows 10 does not run as successfully as expected. Obviously nothing has changed. 

Among the browsers on desktop systems, Google Chrome is the undisputed leader with 66.59%, followed by Firefox (8.22%). Internet Explorer still comes in at 5.77% and the Edge is bobbing around at 6.47%. There are hardly any changes to the previous month. 

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