Surface Laptop users trapped in Windows 10 S Mode

[German]Users of a surface laptop from Microsoft seem to have been hidden recently again by an nasty issue. The device is shipped with Windows 10 S, but you can upgrade for free to Windows 10 – theoretically. This update have had been blocked due to a bug (which seems to be fixed now).


The Surface Laptop was introduced by Microsoft in May 2017  as a very secure environment, since only apps from the store can be installed and executed. Target group are pupils and students. The Microsoft device comes with Windows 10S, but can be upgraded to Windows 10 for free.

(Source: Twitter)

Whoever sets up or buys a Surface Laptop from scratch is first of all on Windows 10 S. However, users will then quickly want to switch to Windows 10 as a full version in order to be able to run Win32 applications. But that’s where the current problem was, as Windows Latest has noticed here. On Microsoft Answers there is this thread from January 19, 2020.

Cannot switch out of Windows 10 s mode

Just got a windows surface laptop refurbished. Has Windows 10s . Have tried all the options to switch out and still no luck.

Microsoft store lets me push the GET button but nothing happens. Trying anything around the command prompt is blocked because of S mode.

Microsoft store is latest version. All windows and store update done.

In the thread other users have confirmed the same problem. Meanwhile, a post dated January 20, 2020 says that this problem is now solved – Microsoft has fixed it (may have been fixed by an update). Users also confirm that. This case shows again how dependent people are on Microsoft doing their homework correctly.


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