Windows 7 End of Live: Ubuntu promotes a switch to Linux

[German]Windows 7 SP1 will no longer receive security updates for the majority of users from January 14 , 2020. The Ubuntu team have seized the opportunity and are promoting a switch to Linux. Something like Bye Microsoft, Hello Linux'. I find the idea quite exciting and the overview of the Ubuntu developers too.


With the end of support for Windows 7 SP1 on January 14 , 2020, private users will be faced with the question of what to do. Not everyone wants to switch to Windows 10. I'm going to write something about 0patch here in the blog. 0patch offers the possibility, to close vulnerabilities in Windows 7 with micro patches even as a private user, and that for free (in private use). But there is another option.

User could also directly switch to Linux. Bleeping Computer spotted the above tweet of the Ubuntu makers. They advertise a switch to Linux. The Ubuntu developers have created a tutorial to support this change.

"We will provide a series of detailed, step-by-step tutorials that should help less tech-savvy Windows 7 users migrate from their old operating system to Ubuntu. We will start with considerations for the move, with emphasis on applications and data backup. Then, we will follow up with the installation of the new operating system, and finally cover the Ubuntu desktop tour, post-install configuration and setup", says Igor Ljubuncic, a developer at Cannocial. These guides will cover the following topics::

  • Preparation for the migration – In the first installment here, we will cover the options available to Windows 7 users, the necessary checklist of steps before the actual migration, and the data backup ahead of the change.
  • Installation of Ubuntu – In essence, Ubuntu is an operating system, just like Windows. This guide will go through the different scenarios by which the Windows 7 users will be able to install Ubuntu on their machine. The operating system installation is not a trivial process, especially for users without prior knowledge in this domain, and we want to make this part of the journey as seamless as possible.
  • Post-install configuration – Once Ubuntu is installed, the user will need to familiarize themselves with the new operating system, the layout of the desktop, the applications, and other settings that form part of the day-to-day desktop usage. For many people, the question of whether they will be able to continue using their apps is a critical one, and we will pay special care to this aspect of the overall experience.

For many people, the question of whether they can continue to use their applications is crucial. The makers of Ubuntu want to pay special attention to this aspect. The English article here describes some more about the nomenclature and also gives some hints why Windows users should think about Linux. I find the overview of which Windows programs are also available under Linux exciting. Maybe a suitable reading for the weekend.


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