Cloud disruption at Microsoft 365? (Feb. 22, 2020)

[German]Currently there have been again a malfunction at Microsoft 365, which affected individual customers and enterprise users (Xbox etc.). I became aware of the issue via the status messages from Microsoft 365 on Twitter. This ranges from missing Xbox Live login to trouble with Windows 10 with Microsoft account, but is also supposed to affect corporate customers.


I don't have a lot of information yet because I can't get into the Administrator Dashboard (I'm not in the cloud). But Microsoft365 reported a disruption in their services some time ago. It's caused by an update.

Business and consumer services are therefore affected by the disruption. The cause of authentication problems was found 2 hours ago and the fix is underway. After about 5 hours Microsoft probably fixed the issue. Here are some snippets of what happens when the Microsoft cloud is 'jammed'.

XBox Live and Games affected

In the consumer sector, games have their problems, as I take from tweets. Someone cannot log in to Minecraft in the following answer.


Logging in to XBox Live also seems to cause problems for individual users – but this can be an individual case.

Games, that depending on the cloud will fail, if the cloud stucks.

The Microsoft Account dependencies

However, a little bit of the dependency on Microsoft accounts becomes visible. So a little as an answer to the 'it doesn't hurt and has no disadvantages' fraction. The following user complains that the login to Hotmail does not work, his account is listed as not existing.

Problems with the login to Hotmail are also complained about here. And then I have a special treat: A user 'cries' because he can't activate his Windows 10 Home – no Microsoft accounts could be created for the computer.

Fits perfectly with my recent article Windows 10: Forced Microsoft Account also in Germany. There are another user here, and here, with the same issue. The new bought Surface Go can't be activated.

And here a new laptop with Windows 10 Home gekauft can't be used. And here somebody stalled to switch a Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home. Hey, keep cool, a bit polishing, and the Microsoft Cloud will be back. Here is an overview of affected consumer features.

To be fair, this week I haven't blogged on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday about Microsoft Cloud issues. But the dependencies might become visible – imho.

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