Windows 10 V190x: Pausing Update for more as 35 days?

[German]Exciting story: It seems possible to pause Updates in Windows 10 Version 1903 and 1909 for more than 35 days. This works for the Home version, but also for the Pro version. 


Pausing Updates in Windows 10 V1903 and above

Starting with Windows 10 May 2019 Update, Version 1903, Microsoft grants its users the option of deferring quality updates by 5 x 7 days (35 days) in both the Home and Pro versions.

Update options in Windows 10 V1903
(Update options in Windows 10 V1903)

Just click on the settings Windows Update page on the entry Pause update for 7 days. Click on Advanced options on the same page to go to the next page with the same name. On the Advanced options page, users are then offered the settings shown below. 

Erweiterte Update-Optionen in Windows 10 V1903
Advanced update options in Windows 10 V1903

I've discussed this briefly within my German blog post Windows 10 Home bekommt wohl ab V1903 Update-Pause. But once the maximum interval of 35 days is reached, you can't extend the period, can you?


In Windows 10 Pro there is the possibility to use Group Policy with gpedit.msc under Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update/Windows Update to control updates. Allows you to defer quality and feature updates up to 35 or 365 days. I've discussed things within the blog post Windows 10 V1903: The 'broken' defer update options. I think that Microsoft has patched something there in the meantime, but I haven't followed it in detail anymore. 

Tip: Reset the update delay interval

Once a user has activated the update pause, he will notice at the end of the pause interval, that this period cannot be extended. You can't get beyond the 35 days – because Microsoft has built in a lock.

I just stumbled across the above tweet from Woody Leonhard. An anonymous user has found a trick how to reset this 35 day period and set a new 35 day interval. Woody describes it like this in this post:

1. As soon as you are close to the end of the 35-day update pause interval, you should disconnect the Internet connection.

The tipster uses the Metered Connections mode in its Windows 10 and puts the machine into Airplane mode to prevent contact with the Microsoft Update servers. I think it is sufficient to disconnect the LAN cable or temporarily disable the network connection.

Updates in Windows 10 V1903 fortsetzen

2. Then navigate to the Windows Update page in the settings and click on the button Resume Updates (see the German screenshot above).

Then the start date of the 35-day period is reset and you can schedule again such an interval. Works for Windows 10 190x Home and Pro – here some users confirm this. If it works, perhaps you can give us a feedback. 

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One Response to Windows 10 V190x: Pausing Update for more as 35 days?

  1. Fiona says:

    Did NOT work for me, and now it's set to doing updates because I had to check that when not connected to the internet, and I cannot pause it anymore.
    So basically this fix caused a problem as before trying this it was still set to pause for another few weeks. I've lost that now. Think about that before you try this!! Wait as long as you can with it.
    I got Windows 10 Home version 1909

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