Facebook’s privacy report isn’t accurate

[German]After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook offers the possibility to download data about oneself and also to check whether advertisers have uploaded data for a profile. But the data prepared by Facebook isn't correct.


In 2018, there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the data of 87 million Facebook profiles were taken from the analytics company for political campaigning.  At the time, Facebook announced the "Download Your Information" feature, which allows users to download all the information the company has had since the account was created.

Is all information really exported to the report? It doesn't appear so. When Facebook released the feature, concerns were quickly raised that the information was inaccurate and incomplete. Now the following tweet has come under my eyes. 

The linked article takes up these concerns again. Privacy International recently tested the function for downloading all information on "advertisements and companies". This is intended to list which companies have uploaded data for the Facebook profile (in order to show the user advertisements). And the finding is, that these reports are not accurate, they differs from month to month, which could not be the case, if they are GPDR compliant. Further details may be read within the article.

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