Windows 10 says ‘No Internet’, but Internet is working

[German]Strange behavior: Windows 10 reports, that no Internet connection is available. However, users can surf the Internet with a web browser and viee web pages without any problems.


Blog reader Martin U. drew my attention to the problem, which I take up in this blog post, by mail with the subject Internet despite the display "No Internet" in WIN10 (thanks for that).

'No Internet' error message, although surfing works

Background is this Microsoft Answers forum thread from January 30, 2020, where a user writes:

DNS manually assigned – now win10 thinks there's no internet. But it works while surfing.

As soon as I enter manual DNS server addresses in the IP4 protocol of the network adapter, WIN10 believes after restarting that there is no internet connection.

Bottom right globe with prohibition sign. Spotify reports offline etc. But I can surf the internet very fast with all browsers.

I set the DNS server address back to automatic, restart, Internet is displayed and everything works.

The manual DNS servers are much faster, so I would like to use them.

My question. Why does WIN10 claim that there is no internet with manual DNS servers or how does it recognize manual DNS addresses?

The user was a bit perplexed at this point and asked if anyone else had a trick / tip for him.

Blame a Registry entry

In the forum thread, the user later reported and suspected that probably a registry entry in the key:



will cause this behavior. And on January 29, 2020 there was a resolution that the DWORD value EnableActiveProbing = 0 was set. This deactivated the respective test of Windows on manually set DNS addresses.

When the registry value was set to EnableActiveProbing = 1, manual DSN server addresses could be entered after a restart and the Internet display worked again. Maybe it helps someone.

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10 Responses to Windows 10 says ‘No Internet’, but Internet is working

  1. Thanks says:

    Thank you so much it actually worked

  2. Jack says:

    After everything failed, this did the trick, thanks.

  3. Shadow says:

    Worked like a charm!!! Thank you so much!

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  5. JIMMY TERAN says:

    I was reading these answers but in my case I haven´t done any changes to my DNS addresses and I still get the NO INTERNET ACCESS message, even though I am connected. I was blaming my internet provider, but I took my laptop somewhere else and the same happened.
    If possible please let me know the steps for changing the registry values

  6. Birck says:

    Since COVID-19, I moved my computer at home and have been having this issue. I tried many options… none worked. I'm very happy to say that this one works!

  7. Ahmed Aniss says:

    problem fixed here :

  8. Judd says:

    Changing the registry fixed it. Thank you Ahmed Aniss for your video. It was perfect.

  9. Paul says:

    Wow, you have saved me from having to once again restore my computer back to an older version of Windows 10 due to the recent update.
    I recently updated so I can use the new Kali Linux GUI on Windows 10 and have had nothing but issues! I have managed to fix most of them but this "no internet" issue had me stumped and many other users online, I have spent days looking for a solution and you had it all along! Well done sir and thank you :)

  10. Anthony says:

    this worked … thank you.

    This also fixed Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app (responsible for keeping Adobe programs updated) … it was reporting that i was offline too, which prevented it from working properly.

  11. chuck says:

    I did exactly as Ahmed instructed several times and after going back into value data the 1 was automatically changed back to 0. Any help would be appreciated.

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