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Tip: Troubleshooting TLS/SSL issues

What can we do, if Internet pages are not accessible due to TLS issues and the browser only displays error messages because communication via TLS/SSL fails?

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Windows Server 2019 comes with full LEDBAT support

[German]Microsoft has announced the general availability of LEDBAT for the upcoming Windows Server 2019 version. But LEDBAT can already be used in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 optional in an experimental mode.

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Events ID 4231 and 4227 Tcpip – no internet connection

Some Windows 10 users are facing a curious issue: The internet connection fails once a day – and isn’t revocable. Inspecting event protocol shows entries with ID 4231 and 4227.

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Web of Trust harvesting and selling user’s surfing data

Browser add-on Web of Trust (WoT) has been harvesting an selling user’s surfing data without anonymising it. After this incident was uncovered, WoT was dropped from Firefox and Google.

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