Tor Browser 9.0.6

Sicherheit[German]Brief information for users of the Tor bundle. The developers have released version 9.0.6, which fixes several vulnerabilities.


I had to manually trigger the update search during my test installation. The change log for the Tor Browser 9.0.6 shows the following changes.

March 11 2020
Release Notes
* All Platforms
   * Update Firefox to 68.6.0esr
   * Bump NoScript to 11.0.15
     * Bug 33430: Disable downloadable fonts on Safest security level
* Build System
   * Windows
     * Bug 33535: Patch openssl to use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for copyright year

However, there is a vulnerability in Firefox that the developers are working on (see the post on the Tor blog). I've already had a post Security: Deactivate JavaScript in Tor/Firefox about this in blog. An update to Noscript 11.0.17 should fix this problem. Automatic updates of noscript are enabled by default, so you should receive this fix automatically. Otherwise, see the Tor blog post for more details.

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