Technet Gallery will be retired in June 2020

[German]Short information: Microsoft plans to retire it's Technet (Code) Gallery in June 2020. That means the Technet Gallery with instructions, scripts and all kinds of useful information disappears.


I myself noticed in the last days that many links in the blog to various Microsoft offers break. In 2019, Microsoft had already started a kind of major clean-up of their web content. This involved deleting the old employee blogs in Technet (and MSDN). The deletion process resulted in the loss of over 15 years of employee blog posts. At the same time, many older KB articles were also deleted. In April 2019 I already reported (Microsoft restores deleted Technet- and MSDN-Blogs) that Microsoft wants to restore deleted technet and MSDN blog posts after a massive protests. 

Technet Code Galerie will vanish

I had mentioned this in the blog post Microsoft Q&A replaces Technet and MSDN. Now I read at that the Technet Gallery should disappear. It has been already announced in the article TechNet Gallery Retirement on 9 March 2020. The TechNet Code Gallery has long been a place where our community shares scripts, utilities, tools and instructions for use with Microsoft products and services. For more than ten years, the gallery has hosted over 25,000 contributions from community members and MVPs. Microsoft is now discontinuing the service without archiving anything. The reasons to cancel the offer without replacement:

  • Open Source and GitHub. Small tools, scripts, and utilities are best hosted along with their source code, with transparent licensing and documentation in GitHub projects.
  • Social media and technical blogs have become the main way people host and share tips and tools.
  • The move from MSDN and TechNet to and the very low usage of most content in the gallery.

Microsoft plans to retire the gallery in June 2020. The TechNet Gallery Retirement will be updated with an exact date as soon as this is determined.

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